The main artistic impulse of Matej Metlikovič is human and divine love, passion and compassion. As an eminent master of sacred art, he has been recognised mainly for his religious commissions of liturgical embroidery in the form of paraments and chasubles, and stained-glass windows. His works span from the intimate vignettes and illustrations to the large-scale interventions in architecture. His fields of colour lines and zips are charged with energy and he uses visual inventions of modernist masters like Henri Matisse or Barnett Newman. His pictorial contents are almost always recognisable and organised in stylised pictorial archetypes.

Born in 1956 in Kranj. Earned a bachelor and master’s degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana. His works are kept in collections in Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Canada. Has been a member of International Society of Christian Artists (SIAC) since 1992.