»Colour often shows the way; in the painting of Silvester Plotajs – Sicoe, it is a building block of unbounded expressiveness. Intense and varied, employed along the principle of more is more and never too much, it challenges a viewer to explore boundaries between expressiveness of colour and responsiveness of light in every work. The eruption of colours and the intensity of light combine in a rhythm of images that the artist carefully and deliberately arranges in space, despite their apparent ease, humour, playfulness, and even jocularity.« (Sarival Sosić)

Silvester Plotajs – Sicoe was born in 1965 in Ljubljana. He has graduated at the Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts, where he earned master’s degrees in painting and graphic art. He also took advanced courses at the Minerva Academy in Groningen in The Netherlands. He works as a free-lance artist in Ljubljana.