Motif: after Van Gogh
Type: Embroidered painting
Technique: Mixed embroidery
Year: 2018
Edition: Limited (99)

Size: Medium
Dimension: 63 x 80 cm | 24.8 x 31.5 in
Number of stitches: over 1.6 mio
Thread length: over 19 km | over 11.8 mi
Thread colours: 60
Development: over 400 person hours


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About the artwork

While sunflowers are an instantly recognizable theme of Van Gogh paintings, he was just as amazed by the cypress, reminding him of the Egyptian obelisks with lines and proportions and praising the green hues of the tree. Focusing on this thought of his, we took special care to emphasize the richness of the green cypress, incorporating a wide palette of colours into the embroidery and adding several layers to bring out the depth that was reminiscent of Van Gogh’s unique painting style. The motif was entirely born in Van Gogh’s imagination, it was not a depiction of a real place he ever visited or has seen in real life. This gave him free reign both with shapes and colours and enriching the painting in ways that a reality-based landscape painting could never do. The layers of paint were expertly duplicated in embroidery, together with stitch directions alluding to brush strokes, making sure the embroidery is just as full of detail and emotion as what Van Gogh himself imagined.

About the artist

Van Gogh’s impressive body of work of over 2100 pieces of art from landscapes to portraits was both a symptom of his struggles with mental illness and his way of coping with depression and psychotic episodes. He spent his life in poverty, his art remaining unrecognized and unsuccessful during his lifetime, and it was only his suicide that brought him into the spotlight of fame, Van Gogh becoming the embodiment of misunderstood genius artist, living on the thin line between insanity and prodigy.

Country Road in Provence by Night by Ercigoj

EU business or Non-EU customer? Check if you are eligible for VAT deduction.