Motif: by Sašo Kos
Type: Photo embroidery
Technique: Ercigoj stitch
Year: 2012
Edition: Limited

Size: Medium
Dimension: 50 x 81 cm | 19.7 x 31.9 in
Number of stitches: over 700,000
Thread length: over 8 km | over 5 mi
Thread colours: 16
Development: over 250 person hours

Price: not for sale

About the artwork

The female nude is one of the most popular art genres and is a test of photographer’s skills. Sašo Kos captured his subject with a particular tenderness and rendered it in a subtle gradation of grayscale. Ercigoj stitch technique gave the image additional warmth and luxurious structure.

About the artist

Sašo Kos is an unassuming searcher of eternity, beauty and fragility, captured in a single moment through a photo lens. Through photography, he immortalizes moments, charged of emotions which would otherwise be lost in time.


Innovation of layering

We layer multiple colours of threads and so create rich embroidery and colour texture that is impossible to create with classic one-layer embroidery technique. By layering, we develop colour transitions and shadowing, by which we create multiple-colour surfaces, similar to pointillism painting.

Smooth transitions and shading

By intertwining threads of endless colours and creating colour transitions, we can shape soft shadows, make one surface transition into another and mix colours into an endless multitude of hues. This way, we can also recreate motives from photographs and sophisticated art paintings which wouldn’t be possible with classic embroidery technique, using vector surfaces.

Sophisticated colour calibration

Usually in embroidery, 10 or 20, maybe 30 colours of threads are used. We use around 1,000 colour hues and if a colour still doesn’t match the desired one, we create it by layering and colour transitions. We have digitally scanned colours of all threads by using a spectrograph, so we can colour match any colour from an original material or from CMYK, RGB or Pantone colour schemes.