For more than nine decades, our family has been passing knowledge of the highest quality embroidery making from generation to generation, constantly improving techniques and innovating new ways of stitching, many of them invaluable trade secrets of ours.

In cooperation with painters, photographers and other artists, we create photo embroideries, embroidered paintings, sacred art, furniture and other artworks of incredible sophistication and detailing that are unlike any others in the world. Each piece takes hundreds of hours of work, kilometres of top quality threads and millions of stitches, each one of them carefully planned and though through.

Most of our work is custom-made, many of limited editions, and there are also a few that we’ve created just to see that we can. You see, our work is a kind of obsession to us.

Visit our gallery online or in person and see for yourself. We can promise with confidence that you will be blown away.  Because we do not say it in vain: our creations really are beyond the state of the art!

Vezenje Ercigoj d.o.o.
Gasilska cesta 18
1000 Ljubljana

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