Searching the world to find one-of-a-kind creations and hidden gems for your collection? Our gallery resembles Aladdin’s cave: there are traditional and modern embroideries, wall art and sculpture-like furniture. You’re welcomed to come and dig for that special treasure waiting just for you.


We cooperate with photographers, painters and other artists to recreate their artworks as photo embroideries or embroidered paintings. We also help with creating masterpieces originally envisioned as embroideries as a special medium following its own characteristics and style.

Interior designers & architects

If you want to create a unique space, be it business premises or a very special home, embroideries – that can be of any interior design style and colour scheme, in two or three dimensions, in various shapes and almost in any size – can make impression that you are striving for.

Business & protocol premises & gifts

Due to exceptional quality of images and production, and their exclusiveness, our embroideries can be a great decoration for congress rooms, hallways and offices of companies and protocolary premises. As luxurious gifts, they can be offered to special guests in business and statemen world.

Fashion designers

We work with designers and push boundaries of embroidery in fashion as we use never-before-seen techniques of embroidering, threads of the finest quality and broad colour spectrum. Our stitching is suitable for one-of-a-kind pieces and haute couture, for an array of applications.

Furniture industry

Due to our extensive knowledge and in-depth understanding of embroidering, we create unique embroideries for folding screens, ottomans, chairs, closet frontals and other furniture and home accessories. Such objects become an asset that passes from generation to generation.

Car industry

We can create embroideries that suit even the most complex shapes – not one image to be deformed or even slightly wrinkled. We can crack the hardest shapes, typical for luxury vehicles. Our custom-made embroideries can push high-end class of cars even higher.

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